Welcome to MCM ITP

The MCM ITP (Materials and Components for Missiles, Innovation and Technology Partnership) is a UK MoD and DGA sponsored research fund open to all Anglo-French companies and Academic Institutions.

With a budget of up to €13M per year, the MCM ITP programme funds proposals from Industry, SMEs and Academia on an annual cycle with the aim of developing novel, exploitable technologies for generation-after-next missile systems.

The MCM ITP develops novel, exploitable technologies for generation-after-next missile systems to solve the capability challenges for future Anglo-French Guided Weapons capability.

Our strategy is to strengthen the technological base, allow for better understanding of common future needs and challenges for generation-after-next missile systems.

To achieve this, we seek to partner SME and Academic Institutions from the UK and France with Global Defence Industry players.

MCM ITP Innovation Call

The MCM ITP programme is launching the Innovation Call for research activities on emerging and low TRL technologies and innovations with potential value in missile systems.

This call is open to:

  • UK and FR Industry, SMEs, research institutes and academia
  • Individual organisations and/or collaborative proposals
  • Single-nation or joint UK / FR proposals
  • Relatively small-scale, short duration research activities
  • Potentially ground-breaking, disruptive and innovative ideas
The Call is now closed

Research Domains & Leads

The MCM ITP is split into 8 research domains, each led by a key French or British company in the sector: MBDA, Nexter, QinetiQ, Roxel, SAFRAN, Leonardo, Thales.

Domain 1: Systems and Navigation

Technologies which are fundamental to the overall development and integration of future missile systems.

Domain 2: Radio Frequency (RF) Seekers

Technologies and components which offer a benefit to the design and development of RF Seekers.

Domain 3: Electro-Optic Sensors

Develop new and existing sensors to detect, recognise identify and track a target to provide homing guidance information.

Domain 4: Rocket Propulsion

Technologies and development for tactical missile rocket propulsion, including thrust modulation, vector control and ignition systems.

Domain 5: Air Breathing Propulsion

Considers materials, technologies and concepts applicable to turbojets, turbofans, turboprops and hybrid engines based on turbojets.

Domain 6: Warheads
Quinetiq Nexter

Technologies and development for target defeat mechanisms such as explosive effects and penetrators. To improve performance, efficiency and widen the target types.

Domain 7: Fuzes and Safety & Arming Units (SAUs)

Used to first ensure the safety of the missile’s warhead, then detect and discriminate the target, and finally function the warhead.

Domain 8: Materials and Electronics

Covers a broad range of technologies which are fundamental to the operational capability of future missile systems and supporting capabilities.

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