Welcome to MCM ITP

The MCM ITP (Materials and Components for Missiles, Innovation and Technology Partnership) is a UK MoD and DGA sponsored research fund open to all Anglo-French companies and Academic Institutions.

With a budget of up to €13M per year, the MCM ITP programme funds proposals from Industry, SMEs and Academia on an annual cycle with the aim of developing novel, exploitable technologies for generation-after-next missile systems.

The MCM ITP develops novel, exploitable technologies for generation-after-next missile systems to solve the capability challenges for future Anglo-French Guided Weapons capability.

Our strategy is to strengthen the technological base, allow for better understanding of common future needs and challenges for generation-after-next missile systems.

To achieve this, we seek to partner SME and Academic Institutions from the UK and France with Global Defence Industry players.

MCM ITP Innovation Call

The MCM ITP programme launched the Innovation Call early in 2020 with UK and FR Industry, SMEs, research institutes and academia encouraged to participate. The call was open to organisations that had been involved in the MCM ITP Programme previously as well as new organisations to the Programme.

This Innovation Call focusses on relatively small-scale, short duration research activities –to identify and progress high potential, innovative ideas and technologies to support the missile system capabilities of the future.

The final project selection was completed in May and contracts placed for the following projects to enable a June 2020 start:

  • Effects optimisation Decision Support
  • AI for Control
  • Array Geometry and Mutual Couplings study for Seekers antenna Optimization Gecko.
  • Efficient full-wave (Method of Moments) evaluation of target backscattering in near-field region (RF fuze) using H-matrix compression techniques
  • HIRF protection for seeker window by electronics printing solutions
  • Monolithic UHT Ceramics (Ultra High Temperature Ceramics)
  • Hybrid Manufacture of CM247 & IN718 Material Blisk (D8M primary for material / process, D5 interest in application)
  • Ceramic Blade
  • High Temperature Energetic Composition for Pyrosystem
  • Non-volatile Memory for harsh environments
  • High Temperature Low Mass Flight Surfaces
  • Tailoring Ultra High Temperature Ceramic Matric Composites
  • Spark Plasma Sintering: an innovative way to build Ultra-High Temperature Ceramics for Missile applications

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