The MCM ITP (Materials and Components for Missiles, Innovation and Technology Partnership) is a UK MoD and DGA sponsored research fund open to all Anglo-French companies and Academic Institutions.

MCM ITP Innovation Call is now CLOSED

Introduction to the MCM ITP Programme

It is the joint ambition of the UK and French defence ministries that the MCM ITP Programme (Materials & Components for Missiles Innovation and Technology Partnership) provides a focus for Anglo-French research on guided weapon, low TRL technologies across the defence ministries, industry and academia.

The MCM ITP programme aims to identify and develop the technologies under the following eight technical domains:

The Innovation Call

The MCM ITP programme is launching the Innovation Call research activities on emerging and low TRL technologies and innovations with potential value in missile systems.

UK and FR Industry, SMEs, research institutes and academia are encouraged to participate. This call is open to organisations that have been involved in the MCM ITP Programme previously and those that are new to the Programme.

The Innovation Call is open to proposals from individual organisations and/or collaborative proposals (via a lead proposer). Single-nation or joint UK / FR proposals are welcome.

This Innovation Call is interested in relatively small-scale, short duration research activities – and aims to identify and support high potential, innovative ideas and technologies to support the missile system capabilities of the future. Research topics relevant to the MCM ITP Technical Domains (as listed above) are welcome – but we are also interested in any potentially ground-breaking, disruptive and innovative ideas and areas of research that could be relevant These may include areas that are being pursed in other industries and have the potential for direct read-across.

Proposals may include (but are not limited to):

  • Very early TRL (Technology Readiness Level) research on emergent technology that may have potential to impact the future of missile systems, but for which further work is required to establish potential;
  • De-risking activities as preparation for a potential larger research proposal in a future bid phase (i.e. under future tasking/calls);


The ITP has some overarching challenges which it aims to address through its research activity. Proposals are invited that address aspects of these areas of challenge, noting that the MCM ITP is interested also in other good research / technology which has potential value to future missile systems, irrespective of the challenges below.

Innovation which can make a step change benefit in capability delivery or cost in the areas of:

  • additional functionality or capability;
  • scalability and selectability of effects
  • improved size, weight, power and / or through-life cost (SWaP-C)
  • operational and through life resilience including cyber, GNSS-denial
  • co-operative weapons
  • human machine teaming and user interface
  • mission planning and navigation
  • improved range (better SWaP, better thrust)
  • industrial agility – shorter development, production and qualification
  • increased survivability
  • complex environment (urban / littoral)

Innovation which can increase the ability to address:

  • low signature threats
  • high manoeuvrability / velocity threats
  • threat swarms (land, air, maritime)
  • future red countermeasures
  • affordable countering of low cost threats

Innovation Call Rules

The Innovation Call is being run as a competition.

Proposals are limited to research projects which are:

  • of 3 to 9 months duration (maximum 9 months) and all activities must be completed no later than 12th March 2021;
  • a maximum firm price contract value in the range of £40,000 to £100,000 (or equivalent € EUR), to a maximum of £100,000 GBP or €113,500 EUR(FR);
  • for Industry1 organisations 50% self-funding is mandated as contribution-in-cash2 or contribution-in-kind3;
  • self-funding and contributions are not mandated for SME4, Research Institutes and Academia organisations, however any contribution-in-kind or contribution–in-cash can be offered at their discretion;
  • proposal validation of 5 months.

Innovation Call Dates

  • Call launch: 16-Jan-2020
  • Proposal Submission Deadline: 06-Mar-2020
  • Successful Proposers Notified: 04-May-2020
  • All Project on Contract by: 01-June-2020
  • All Projects to be Completed no later than: 12-Mar-2021

Innovation Call Contacts

All organisations looking to submit a proposal to the MCM ITP Programme should register their interest using the links below to the local Programme Office contact. The proposer will then be sent the full Bidders Pack and templates to enable their submission.

For information, the Bidders Pack will include standard MCM ITP terms and conditions, including non-disclosure terms. These need to be agreed to as part of the proposal submission and are non-negotiable.

All successful project contracts will be placed through the MCM ITP Programme Office and not via Domain areas.